Lebanese Food

Our menu is crafted to have the perfect Arabian atmosphere and the Arabic flavours.



  • Hommos £5.5
    • Chickpeas pure with sesame paste and lemon juice.
  • Hommos Beiruty £5.95
    • Chickpeas pure with hot pepper, parsley
  • Moutabal Baba Ghanoj  £5.95
    • Grilled aubergines pure mixed with sesame paste & lemon juice.
  • Tabboleh  £5.75
    • Finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, spring onion, fresh mint, cracked wheat lemon juice and olive oil.
  • Fattoush   £5.75
    • Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, parsley, mint, onion, radish, pomegranate molasses with fried lebanese bread and fine spices with lemon and olive oil.
  • Warak Inab  £5.95
    • Vine Leaves filled with rice, tomatoes, parsley, mint & onion, cooked in lemon juice, and olive oil.
  • Labnah  £5.50
  • Strained yoghurt served with olive oil and dried thyme, garlic and lemon juice.
  • Al Raheb  £5.95
    • Smoked aubergine, green peppers, tomato, spring onion, garlic, and lemon juice.
  • Kabees  £4.00
    • Selection of Lebanese pickles.
  • Mousaka  £5.95
    • Fried aubergines baked with tomato onion, chickpeas and sweet peppers.
  • Loubiah Bil Zait £5.50
    • French green beans cooked in olive oil, tomatoes, onion, and garlic.
  • Bamia Bil Zait £5.50
    • Okra cooked in garlic, coriander leaves, tomato sauce, and olive oil.
  • Modardara £5.50
    • Lentil and rice cooked with olive oil topped with fried onion.
  • Makdous £5.50
    • Baby aubergine stuffed with walnuts and garlic.
  • Muhammara £6.50
    • Spicy mixed nuts, crushed and blended with red peppers, chili and olive oil.
  • Samke Harra £7.50
    • Grilled fish cooked with garlic, tomato, coriander, red and green pepper with mild chili topped with nuts.


  • Lahem Mashwi (Tikka)     £13.00
    • Grilled on skewers tender lamb cubes with onions and tomatoes
  • Shish Taouk      £12.50
    • Grilled on skewers chicken cubes marinated in garlic lemon juice and olive oil.
  • Kafta Meshwi (Kebab)  £12.50
    • Minced lamb, onions, and parsley grilled on skewers
  • Chicken Kafta ( Kebab) £12.50
    • Minced chicken, onions, and parsley grilled on skewers
  • Kafta Khaskhash £13.00
    • Minced lamb, parsley, garlic, with a spicy tomato sauce grilled on skewers.
  • Mixed Grill  £13.00
    • Lamb cubes, minced lamb, marinated chicken cubes served with grilled onions and tomatoes
  • Al Balad Mixed Grill  £16.50
    • Lamb cubes, minced lamb, minced chicken, marinated chicken cubes served with grilled onions and tomatoes
  • Lamb Shawarma £11.50
    • slices of marinated lamb roast
  • Chicken Sawarma £11.50
    • slices of marinated chicken roast
  • Mixed Shawarama £12.00
    • slices of marinated lamb & chicken roast
  • Farruj Meshwi  £13.00
    • whole baby chicken grilled, served with garlic sauce.
  • Kastalita Ghanam   £13.00
    • grilled lamb cutlets served with grilled green peppers, tomato served with chips.
  • Chicken Nuggets  £10.00
    • grilled lamb cutlets served with grilled green peppers, tomato served with chips.
  • Roasted Lamb £11.00
    • braised boneless shack of lamb served with special herbs seasoned rice.
  • Chicken Escallop £11.00
    • breaded chicken breast served French fries.
  • Kibbeh Bissayniyah £11.50
    • Baked miced lamb and cracked wheat filled with seasoned minced lamb, pine nuts and onions served with yoghurt dip
  •  Stew Bamiah Bilaham £11.00
    • okra cooked with lamb served with special herbs seasoned rice
  • Chicken or Lamb Kabsah £11.00
    • Basmati rice cooked with chef's special spices, mixed vegetables, mixed with seasoned chicken or lamb


  • Bamieh Stew With Rice £10.50
    • okra cooked with tomato sauce served with vermicelli seasoned rice
  • Loubieh Stew With Rice  £10.50
    • French green beans,  cooked with tomato sauce served with vermicelli seasoned rice
  • Mossakaa With Rice £10.50
    • Baked seasoned aubergine cooked with tomato sauce, onion, and chickpeas, peppers service with vermicelli rice.


Our Desserts

A brilliant mix of spices in the famous Arabic desserts.


  • Baklawa        بقلاوه
  • Mouhallabieh  مهلبيه
  • Riz Bihalib رز بالحليب
  • Kenafe كنافه


Edgware Road



Allergy  Awareness

 For any food allergy or a special dietary requirements, please inform a member of staff. Our food may contain traces of nuts.




  • Foul Medamas  £6.00
    • Boiled broad beans seasoned with garlic, lemon juice and olive oil.
  • Felafel  £5.50
    • Mixture of ground chickpeas, broad beans spices and fine croquettes served with tahine sauce
  • Kibbeh   £6.00
    • Deep fried lamb meatballs mixed with cracked wheat and onions, sautéed minced mean, onions & pine nuts.
  • Hommos Shawarma  £7.25
    • Hommos or moutabal topped with diced marinated lamb topped with pine nuts.
  • Batata Harra   £5.75
    • Fried cubes of potatoes sautéed  with garlic, coriander sweet red and green peppers, spices, chili.
  • Grilled Haloumi Cheese  £5.95
  • Jawaneh  £6.00
    • Grilled or fried chicken wings in garlic sauce.
  • Arayes Al-Balad £5.75
    • Minced veal with parsley, grilled in Lebanese bread
  • Makanek   £6.00
    • Homemade Lebanese mini sausages flambéed in butter or lemon grilled.
  • Soujk   £6.50
    • Lebanese spiced lamb sausages with tomato and garlic.
  • Souda Dajaj £6.95
    • Fried chicken liver in lemon juice or with onion, radish.
  • Fattet Lahme  £6.95
    • Tender cuts of lamb served with toasted pieces of bread mixed with yoghurt & garlic.
  • Fatter Hommos £5.50
    • Boiled chickpeas layered with yoghurt & crispy bread topped with fried pine kernels.




Our main courses are designed and crafted to provide comfort healthy food to everybody.


  • Sea Bass   سي باز
  • King Prawns  قرديس مشوي
  • Sayadieh      صياده سمك



  • Fatayer  فطاير
  • Cheese Rakakat  رقاقات جبن
  • Lamb Sambousek  سمبوسه لحم
  • Cheese Sambousek سمبوسه جبن
  • Mixed Fatayer فطاير مشكله
  • Kallaj      كلاج



  • Plain Rice رز
  • Vermicelli Rice رز بالشعريه
  • Rice Meat رز بالحمه
  • French Fries بطاطس مقليه
  • Strained Yogurt لبن
  • Drinking Yogurt   لبن عيران
  • Brown Rice   رز اسمر